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"Empowering Curls Through Community and Collaboration"

At Curltology, we're all about community and collaboration. We love hosting cool events, hands-on workshops, and inspiring outreach programs that connect and uplift. By teaming up with top haircare brands and industry experts, we bring you the best products and insider tips. We're here to build strong bonds and celebrate the beauty of curly and textured hair. Join us on this journey and let's embrace every curl together!

Chioma Anderson
CurlTology Owner and Stylist 

Known for her trendsetting skills and eye-catching crown, Chioma has a passion for teaching women the importance of honest hair care. She specializes in hair extensions, coloring, styling, loctician services and special occasion hair and makeup. With more than10 years of expertise and loving attention to all hair types and textures, Chioma's clients feel welcomed, represented and celebrated in and out of the chair.

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